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Trade Commissioner
The number of recruits:
3 Published: 2009-11-29 Wages: 2000More
Effective time:
10(Days) Place of work: shenzhen
Recruit request:

Due to business needs, Careers Trade Commissioner, 3-5

Job Description

1. Using Alibaba platform, and foreign customer communications;

2. Follow up on customer orders, shipments, booking, customs clearance and other export work;

3. After-sales service, tracking customer orders;

4. Order statistics and summary;

5. Assistance to foreign manager to handle daily work;


1. College degree or above; Trade or English major priority;

2. Can fluent in English, written and oral communication, with a certificate of CET-4 or above;

3. More than two years working experience in foreign trade, foreign trade has a certain expertise; the electronics industry, foreign trade-related work experience preferred;

4. Alibaba familiar with the operation of an electronic platform priority;

5. Familiar with the use of office software;

6. Work seriously active and responsible, good communication skills and sense of responsibility, excellent team spirit;

7. Ms. priority;

Treatment Negotiable; Interested parties, please send CV to
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