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    Shenzhen jiaxinmei electroic co,.ltd Technology franchise brands from integrated circuits, has extensive experience in the electronics industry, in the fierce market competition, with its unique mode of operation, quality service, and gradually break a set of their own trade advantage. Products are widely used in communications, instrumentation, audio and video display, data acquisition, networking, ARM development, aerospace, military equipment, medical equipment, precision instruments, in areas such as in the power system products, program-controlled switches, communication equipment, decoders, Tax equipment, numerical control equipment and industrial control equipment, has a wealth of complementary experience in the field. Especially in large-scale programmable devices (CPLD, FPGA, PROM), high-speed static memory (SRAM), and other types of high-end memory (dual-port RAM, FIFO) and other embedded systems and strong competitive advantage in SCM. 
   jiaxinmei electronic technology a strong competitive advantage in the following product lines: 1, XILINX company's system-level programmable FPGA devices; online CPLD Complex Programmable Logic Devices; configuration PROM memory, and so on. 2, ALTERA the company's full range of field-programmable FPGA; programmable logic device CPLD series; configuration memory PROM. 3, TI, ADI's digital signal processor DSP and peripheral devices; operational amplifier; Analog Devices; A / D, D / A converter device intended; logic device; PCI bridge; 430, FLEX series of microprocessors. 4, all kinds of high-performance 8, 16, 32 MCU; in-system programmable ISP, in-system programmable IAP microprocessor; ARM core embedded systems; USB interface, CAN bus, LCD display driver, etc. peripheral IC. Main brands are: PHILIPS, WINBONG, ATMEL, INTEL, HITACHI, MOTOROLA, NEC MICROCHIP, LT, CYPRESS, TI, ADI. 5, communication, network, interface (T1/E1/J1), modulation and demodulation IC; PCI devices; audio, video, image processing, display control device. Main brands are: INTEL-LEVEL ONE, CONEXAN (ROCKWELL), DALLAS, LUCENT, PLX, ZARLINK (MITEL), CIRRUS LOGIC-CRYSTAL, REALTEK, AMCC and so on. 6, the use of international procurement platform, to provide customers with all kinds of partial unpopular and discontinued IC