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Shenzhen IC enterprises are faced with opportunities for
( Released time:12/31/2009 )
Financial crisis led to a global decline in demand, electronic export markets can no longer accommodate the cheap, imitation products, Shenzhen IC design companies and manufacturers are by virtue of innovative design and high quality products, in the fierce competition. In a few days ago at the Convention Center at the Global Sources "International IC-China Conference & Exhibition," on the performance of this feature was particularly prominent.

The reporter saw at the show site, in order to attract more international market opportunities, Kay, Suntec, long transportation pass, Ming and other micro-enterprises in Shenzhen IC design and manufacturing active participation, not only swept 60% of the booth, and the Shenzhen IC designers is active in the exhibition and seminars on the scene. They create a gold content of experience in design, cutting-edge trends in the use of various channels to capture and inspire the design inspiration. Is worth noting that, the Shenzhen enterprises in 3G and digital TV and so on lead, and attracted international attention peers to become involved in competition, a major bright spot. The reporters also noted that, Intel, Microsoft Windows Embedded, NEC Electronics and many other leading international IC technology company is also actively participation, efforts to seek cooperation with Chinese enterprises supporting, sharing the latest electronic design, a new generation of communications, embedded systems, automotive electronics products and technologies such as power management applications