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Shenzhen IC Base year output value of 500 million
( Released time:12/31/2009 )
Settled more than 40 start-ups
Shenzhen IC Base year output value of 500 million

NEW YORK (Xinhua Li Xinghua) "parasol planted well, drawing the Phoenix habitats." Recently, this reporter from the national IC (integrated circuit) design the Shenzhen industrial base was informed that the operation of the base the past two years, has attracted more than 40 start-ups settled in and realizing more than 500 million yuan output value of IC design, give full play of the IC design of public technological platform the role of the service.

It is learned that the National IC Design Industrialization Base of Shenzhen Science and Technology approved by the state after the establishment has invested more than 160 million yuan. The operation of the past two years, the base has more than 20 domestic and foreign firms, the University has established cooperation agencies, contracted service providers 87, the base established in the professional business incubators have been settled more than 40.

The base hatching or service businesses, many companies have to grow into a strong design, development, and product capabilities of the IC design industry, enterprises, and through the resources of Shenzhen IC Base platform to help introduce a large number of social investment, also won the national, provincial and municipal departments to focus on relevant science and technology and support. At present, the base of Shenzhen Hao Yuan Technology Co., Ltd., Shenzhen Sea Technology Co., Ltd., the core more than 10 enterprises, has received the National Science and Technology SME Technology Innovation Fund.

Assigned to the impressive strength of IC design enterprises, but also begun to attract international venture capital bodies. Statistics show that last year alone, Shenzhen IC base of the core micro-, core state, Encad, etc. 4 IC design enterprises, they received a total of 35 million U.S. dollars in international venture capital investment.

Shenzhen Development IC design industry a good environment to attract a group of "returnees" IC design talent, settled in the base business. IC assigned to the base more than 40 companies, there are 20 returnees from overseas, was founded almost by half.

Shenzhen IC Base official said, IC design of the more high-end to the evolution of the more important experience. Those who came back from Silicon Valley and other places, "returnees" personnel access to the most advanced design concepts and creativity, has a wealth of technology development and business management experience, and international linkages will also close, is the development of IC design in China's most precious resource. At present, Shenzhen IC design of the existing 3,000 staff, the "returnees" have reached more than 300 people, including Shenzhen IC Base gathered more than 100 people.

In addition to services, IC design industry in Shenzhen, Shenzhen IC Base public technology platform for the Pearl River Delta region, from the technology, products and talents to promote Pearl River Delta region and other aspects of the development of IC design industry.