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Smartphone into an integrated power management chips
( Released time:12/31/2009 )
Last year, the global production of about 1.1 billion mobile phones, therefore, mobile phone chip market is very large, but the chip market has also increased the degree of monopoly. Smart phones used in the original discrete power-management chips have largely been integrated, and technology evolution continues.

Integrated power management chip is hard to intervene in the majority of manufacturers

"Now, cell phone power management chip market can do a little." A chip manufacturer person in charge told reporters, "the original mobile phone need some discrete power management chips, such as the Low-Dropout Linear Regulators (LDO) , DC-DC converter (DC / DC), but now they are integrated into the cell phone power management unit (PMU) in the. Moreover, PMU by large international enterprise supply mobile phone chip set. so, in addition to new features , most of the design and production of discrete power-management chip enterprises had no market. "

The source further said, PMU bear the brunt of the product can almost be the work of mobile phone power management is mainly responsible for the cell phone lithium-ion battery supplies electrical energy to rise, blood pressure and regulation, different voltage of different energy supply mobile phone unit of work, such as processors, radio frequency devices, camera modules, so that these units to work properly. Responsible for boost, buck and the regulator is the work of the original discrete LDO and DC / DC, they are now being integrated, is currently a PMU integrates 78 LDO and DC / DC chips.

Now, PMU is mainly with the cell phone the whole platform (baseband + RF + Power Management PMU), by a large platform vendors such as Texas Instruments (TI), MediaTek (MTK), STMicroelectronics (ST) and other enterprises supply, Other power management chip business is almost impossible to intervene in the market. Thus, while the mobile phone power management market is very large, but most manufacturers have no opportunity to intervene, which is a bit like the past, PC power management market has been the gradual development of a monopoly situation.

Although we are a few giant monopolies, but the cell phone power management chip market capacity is to enable all enterprises have focused large market. Last year, the world's total production of about 1.1 billion mobile phones, if each power management chips used in mobile phones by 10 yuan to calculate, there are 110 billion scale. According to Nokia's forecast, the mobile phone market in 2008 than in 2007 increased by 10%, reaching 1.2 billion. At the same time, the market research firm Databeans predicts that in 2008 power management chip market growth rate of 7%, while the mobile phone power management chip market growth will be faster. There are forecasts that the overall power management market in 2008 compared with 2007 should be 15% ~ 20% growth, while in portable products led to the proliferation of new applications. Generally speaking, in 2008, cell phone power management chips are still in the billions of dollars over the scale. The scale of billions of dollars in this big market, the monopoly level has been rising, most enterprises can no longer intervene.